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Aged Account
A professional seller account with selling history, feedbacks, enhanced volumetrics, ability to list branded items ( individual to each account, please check for details)
Amazon Business
Developed Amazon Business with selling products, reviews and long period selling history. This is the best opportunity to buy ready business with high transparency.

The benefit of using Seller Space

Verified Amazon
Our highly trained experts verify the authenticity of each account prior to making a business offer.
Direct communication
with the account owner
We grant direct communication between buyers and sellers unlike other exchange platforms.
Peace of mind when doing business
We take full responsibility of the business deal. We also offer after sales support

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Article will help you understand all pros and cons of each account type and make a smart choice.
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The SellerSpace due diligence process
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Common Questions

General Inquiries
Common information about the work of SellerSpace
Multiple Seller Accounts
Learn more about the process of creating multiple sellers accounts
Payment Procedure
Payment methods and payments process itself
Privacy and Security
Security of the account you buy and your personal data
Refund Policy
SellerSpace policy regarding account returns and refunds
General Inquiries
How does the account transfer work?
After completing the business deal you will receive all the log in details that are necessary to take control of your new account. You will be able to change these details to your preferred ones after.
Do you provide any support after the purchase?
We provide technical support for 14 days for your new account after you make the payment. We are here to answer all questions related to your account
How do I contact the account owner?
We overlook the communications between buyers and sellers and record the conversations to make sure the deal is safe.
How do you evaluate the price for an account?
We evaluate the price for each account individually. We take into account factors like feedbacks, sales history, performance metrics, when the account was created, the ability to list certain brands or categories of products.
Can I have access to the account or it's statistics before committing to purchase it?
We can send screenshots of all the performance figures or we can organise a TeamViewer session. This will allow you to personally inspect all areas of the account you want to acquire.
My country is not on the list of eligible countries to register as a seller. Will I be able to use it locally after buying?
Yes you can. Amazon may ask you why has your location changed or who else has access you your account. We recommend saying you are the sole owner and you are travelling on business.
Multiple Seller Accounts
How does Amazon reveal you are running multiple accounts?
There are many ways for amazon to reveal you are running multiple accounts. Amazon compares registration details of each account. Amazon will relate and suspend your account if it finds matching passport, bank, credit card or company details. Amazon also investigates your MAC address, hardware, cache, cookies and your WI-FI router.
What's Amazon policy regarding multiple accounts?
You can only register multiple accounts after contacting Amazon. You have to provide a strong argument as to why you need more than one account. We suggest you inform them that you sell products under different categories and you run multiple business and each is tied to a different bank account. However you are allowed to use same registration details for different market places without asking for approval.
How can I create a second seller account if the previous method is not suitable for me?
We suggest you use a new computer with a new mobile internet dongle. Never use any information related to your existing or suspended account. You will need a new identity, credit card, bank account, phone number, email address in order to successfully register a second seller account. We also suggest to add different ASINs to your inventory to make your new account unique. You can add items that you do not actually sell or add items at a price so high that nobody will realistically buy them.
Payment Procedure
What payment methods do you accept ?
We accept PayPal, Payoneer, Credit Cards and Bank Transfers, Bitcoin
There is no "Buy" button on your website. How do I make the payment?
Please inform us about which account it is you are wanting to buy. We will email you the invoice or the payment link.
Privacy and Security
Will the previous account owner or anybody else have access to my account?
You will enable Amazon's Two-Step Verification, a feature that adds an extra layer of security by asking you to enter a unique security code in addition to your password on computers and devices that you haven't designated as trusted. Nobody else will have access to your account after that.
Refund Policy
Refund Policy
Sellerspace may issue refund within 7 calendar days after the purchase. Please, keep in mind that in case your account gets suspended, we will issue a refund only if you followed all our instructions.
We have a 7 day money back guarantee. Subject to terms and conditions.
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